Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bubbles and Legos and Provo, oh my!

"Bubble Baby"

One of our little princess’s nick names (Bubble Baby) is in reference to one of her favorite pastimes. Abby’s spit has this remarkable quality that allows it to hold bubbles on her chin for up to 5 minutes…which gives me and the boys 5 minutes of doubled-over-can’t-catch-your-breath-laughing-good-time!!

My little Lego Maniac

For one solid month following Christmas morning’s unveiling of Lego Mars Mission—from Grandma Wait—Ethan sat on the living room floor and almost single handedly organized 795 pieces into one mother ship, one Martian fighter ship, and one Mars driller. Now they sit proudly on display downstairs on the counter, between short flights around the house, piloted by all the boys. Grandmas know just what their boys need.

Good Times in Provo

Last week we took my sister Brooke down to the MTC…we all had a great experience. I love opportunities like this to prepare my little future missionaries. Brooke was stoic. Few tears were shed by her. We’re all very proud of her…she’s going to be a GREAT missionary.

TGI Friday's: Missionaries eat free on their way to the MTC. Brooke followed the tradition of Luke and my bro Cregg.

Brooke and Jo inside the MTC

It was also fun to meet up with Luke’s siblings and my sisters-in-law at our favorite BBQ rendezvous—The Smokehouse (Luke has met his family at the Smokehouse every trip to Provo dating back to the first time he met Tiff when she and Jay were just dating). Abby has two girl cousins on the Wait side born the same summer she was. We'll have to create other photo ops of these three together so you don't have to watch them grow up in The Smokehouse.

The Smokehouse: January 2009
(Tiff & Olivia, Lisa & Abby, Rachel & Allison)

The Smokehouse: September 2008
(If you could have seen Luke here, you would have thought it was like the best day of his life...he had just watched BYU demolish UCLA 59-0. He was ecstatic. A great Provo pilgrimage).

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Gooey Goodbye

Lest you all think this is exclusively Luke’s blog, I’ll send a little shout out and post some of my comings and goings, too.

We’ve had quite an event filled week trying to cram as much Aunt Brookie (my little sister) into our lives as possible before we have to say good bye for 18 months. (Brooke enters the MTC on Wednesday to prepare for her mission in El Salvador and Belize.) We had sleepovers and Dairy Queen runs and she even came to work with me to help out with my Child Birth Ed class I teach at the hospital. Tonight we shared her last family home evening here at our house. After the lesson, everyone was kind enough to satisfy this romantic idea I’ve had of roasting marshmallows on a snowy night in our basement fireplace. It was pretty fun.

Brooke & McKay
My Marshmallow Man

Uncle Cregg & the boys

Abby had fun too!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Waits online!

Well, here goes...we're finally online. We kept hearing about the inner-nets; apparently there is a world-wide web, or a "www" if you will. It's everywhere. Our siblings informed us we needed to hurry or we would be the last to discover the "blog."

So, we got a modem for our computer to dial in to the webs...

We are having a launch party tonight to kick off the new blog...

So if you are going to be around, I think Lisa said the party is at a club called "Chat Room," and there's a password to get in--which is actually "password." I'm not sure where it is, but I think there are three W's at the beginning of the address.

Now I just need to convince Lisa to let me get a cell phone and the Waits will finally arrive in the 90's:

Here are a few recent pictures of the kids:
Lisa & Abby

Ethan (7)

Dallin (5)

McKay (3)

Abigail (5 mo.)

Here's a few more:

Plenty more to come!